Replacing old window with new vinyl replacement window is an easy task for anyone who can handle the tools. Follow these simple steps my friend, a Chesterfield window company representative shared with me during a call.

The tools and materials required are: Hammer, Tape measure, Cordless drill, Caulk gun, Pliers, Level, Utility knife, Putty knife and Protractor.

1. The first sash must be removed. Pull off the molding around the window. This usually contains three pieces of either quarter round, shoe molding, or any other thin decorative wood. After removing this, the bottom “sash” which is another term used for window, will be able to swing outward into the room. When the bottom sash swings, all you have to do is severe the ropes that are tied to the bottom sash. Don’t panic if the weights in the walls falls to the floor with a loud thud.

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2. The next step is to remove the second sash which is the harder of the two sash. There is always a divider strip between the two sashes and this divider strip is usually stuck in tightly. You can make this come out easily if you use a well placed chisel to smack it very well. You may have to try this a few times, it depends on the amount of paint on them. They should come out in long whole pieces. Once the divider strips are out, you should be able to remove the top sash the way you removed the the bottom one.

3. The next thing to do is to clear the opening by scraping away any loose wood or paint that may be there and also remove the pulleys guiding the ropes.

4. The old storm window assembly should be removed.

5. If possible, the new vinyl window should be inserted in the closed and locked position. Because of the flexibility of vinyl window frames, the sash, which is the glass part, will help in holding the frame square when you are installing it. Shims should be used to adjust the window unit to the plumb. Then the window frame should be screwed to structural lumber. If it was specified by the manufacturer that the screw placements should hidden by the sash, make sure you put in the new vinyl window frame with the sash removed. Plumb it and level it. Once it is screwed in (six screws should do), place in the vinyl sashes.

6. The last thing to do is to re-install the old strips or new ones of molding on the interior part of the window.

That’s pretty simple, Right? Anyway, you can find more tips here.