This is another post inspired by an article writing by a St. Louis bathroom remodeling expert, presented during their new product launch late last year.

A toilet flange is what connects the bottom of the toilet to the drainpipe that is in the bathroom floor. You may need to replace your toilet flange if you notice your toilet is leaking from the base.

The steps to take in repairing a toilet flange includes:

1. Place towels or newspapers on the ground adjacent to the bathroom so as to place the toilet on it after you’ve disconnected it from the flange.

2. Turn water supply to the toilet off.

3. The water supply hose should be disconnected.

4. Make sure you flush the toilet until it’s empty.

5. Either by hand or with the use of a wrench, loosen the two nuts that attach the toilet to the floor. Place them in a place where it can be easily found when you want to it re-attach the toilet later.

6. Remove the toilet and place it on the towels or newspapers that you’ve already placed on the floor.

7. Use a putty knife to clean the wax from the flange seal.

8. With a screwdriver, remove the screws attaching the flange to the floor

9. Remove the flange and then clean it off with a disinfecting wipe or in a sink.

10. The diameter of the sewer pipe should be measured using a tape measure so as to know the correct size for the flange.

11. Take the flange to a hardware store or a plumbing supply store. Purchase a new flange with the same size and shape of the one you measured.

12. Get a new wax ring along with your new flange.

13. The new flange should be secured to the floor with the new bolts. These bolts will hold the flange against the bottom of the toilet.

14. Use a screwdriver to screw the new flange to the floor with the new screws from the product package.

15. Lift up the toilet, set the new wax ring into place on the bottom.

16. Put the toilet on top of the new flange, line up the toilet with the new bolts. To seal the wax ring, press down the toilet tightly.

17. Put in the nuts which hold the toilet to the flange. Tighten them with your hand before you use a wrench to secure them tightly

18. Reconnect the water supply hose and turn water supply to the toilet on.

19. Flush the toilet to ensure that the toilet is now working properly with no leaks.