DIY Tips to Reduce Bathroom Remodeling Costs

It is not always affordable or practical to spend a lot of money on a large bathroom remodel. You can reduce remodeling costs in many ways to enjoy a big savings and you will still get all the changes you want. A well remodeled bathroom can look like a million bucks, without you actually spending much on it. Use this tips and simple remodeling ideas to save on costs.

Those remodeling you can do yourself

Most homeowners do not have great knowledge of plumbing or electricity, but there are still plenty of ways you can change the look of the bathroom. To save money on a remodeling job, the best thing you can do is do as much of the work yourself as possible.

Revamping the wall

You will need an expert if you want to move walls in the room as it is dangerous to remove load-bearing walls. You can create in-wall storage, however, by knocking out the drywall and exposing the studs. This is a doable work that you can easily do by yourself.

Use a keyhole saw and a hammer to remove a section of drywall in a square. Make sure not to cut into the wooden supports that create the frame of the wall. Now, fill the square with shelves, then block the gaps at the top and bottom with a 2 by 4 across the stud bay. You can then paint it to match the rest of the room.

Change colors

A fresh coat will do wonders for any room. Pick a bright, light color so as to make the room appear larger. To freshen up the entire room, paint the trim and walls. You should lay drop cloths all over the floor and fixtures before you start painting. Also, apply painters tape along walls and tile borders.

Little touches

Purchase new vent covers, switch plates and towel rods. All these items are easy to remove and reinstall. If you make use of a power drill, the work will be faster. Prior to painting, remove the old stuff and replace them with the new material once the paint has dried.


Although you can’t do all the work yourself, if you only do the legwork, you can save yourself some money. If you are planning to replace fixtures in the bathroom, like the toilet and the faucets, look around and price these items out yourself as a contractor may charge you more for these items. Make comparisons and purchase the materials yourself to save some cash.